Mantova: Born as an Etruscan settlement, the city passed to the Cenomani Gauls and then to the Romans. It became a possession of the Canossa family around the year 1000 and then became a free municipality, and took part in the Lombard Leagues in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Rich in priceless art treasures, Mantova, home of the poet Virgil, conquers with its aristocratic charm.

One of the best ways to visit it is to cycle along it, observing every street where there are traces of those powerful Gonzagas who loved her so much, and who gave her splendidly decorated palaces.

is reflected on the Mincio every time the sun rises over the city and the buildings are flooded by the warm and enveloping morning light: Palazzo Tè, home of Federico II Gonzaga (built as a leisure residence and embellished with great artistic works; Palazzo Ducale, inheritance of the Gonzaga family and second largest European palace) with buildings connected to each other by corridors and underground galleries and works of art by Mantegna; the Duomo in the heart of the city; Piazza delle Erbe with the Palazzo del Podestà and other relevant buildings.

The suburbs and surroundings are green and the Mincio Regional Park is home to protected wildlife species.

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