A jump in Piazza Loggia and among the arcade shops, and then a stop in Piazza del Duomo – with the Rotonda di Brescia and its spectacular crypt – to start the day well.

Full of energy, ready to discover the city that hosts one of the best preserved UNESCO heritage sites in Italy: the remains of a Roman temple with an adjoining amphitheater, restored thanks to the contribution of the Santa Giulia Museum.

Every corner of the city tells of an important past, since mosaics of noble Roman families are scattered throughout the city: finding them will be an exciting treasure hunt. A visit to the castle in the afternoon will complete your city tour.

Brescia associates the attraction of a city of art and history, and offers the visitor the pleasure and charm of walking in an urban area that reveals its historical face, enhanced by a careful series of operations to redevelop the environment.

From the pedestrianization and furnishing program of green and collective spaces, and also from the interventions carried out in the quiet residential areas surrounding one of the largest Italian museum complexes: Santa Giulia-Museo della Città, which opened its approximately 12,000 square meters to the public in 1999 exhibition and since 2011 is included in the Unesco World Heritage List with the serial site The Lombards in Italy. Places of power

The city of Brescia does not require the payment of a pass for entry. More information about the available parking spaces can be found at the following link:  

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